The Linton Police Department is dedicated in the pursuit of using some of the best equipment around. It is our belief that the better equipped that the Officers are, the better and more efficient they will be at accomplishing the task at hand.



Below, you will see the M-26 Taser.  This small, yet extremely effective device has already saved numerous physical confrontations with suspects since it has been put into service. Below you can click on the photo to Taser International and read about the Taser.







ADVANCED TASER M26 (Law Enforcement) Model # 44000

Power Output

50,000 Volt (est.); 26 Watts; 162mA (Irms) and 1.76 Joules per pulse energy

Power Input

12 VDC: 4-6 A

Power Supply

8 AA Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) 1.2-Volt rechargeable batteries or hi-output 1.5 Volt alkaline batteries, self-contained inside polyethylene battery tray, with reverse insertion prevention feature.

Aiming Mechanism



High visibility red LED calibrated for alkaline batteries.


Left and right side yellow polycarbonate decals with P.S.A. that adheres to sides of the weapon, in order to mark it as less-lethal.


21-foot and 15-foot interchangeable cartridges made of polycarbonate plastic. 

Uses 1800 P.S.I. compressed nitrogen.  Wire is proprietary insulated copper-clad






We also carry the Colt M-16 in every vehicle. The reason is more accuracy and penetration than the shotgun, which has been used for years.





Safety Levers

 We carry the Glock Model 23 .40 caliber pistol as our side arm. We feel that the combination between the .40 caliber round and the Glock manufacture makes this the best firearm for Law Enforcement to carry.








The polygraph instrument we use is the LX 4000. This is the latest version from Lafayette Instrument Company. The Lafayette Instrument is also made right here in Indiana. They are well known for their Polygraph equipment and it is used all over the world.

Activation Switch




Laser Lens




Other Features


On Board Memory


Battery Indicator

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Yellow Coloration Kit


Air Cartridges


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