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Troy R. Jerrell






My name is Troy Jerrell. I was hired on the Linton Police Department in the capacity of an Officer in 1996 by then Chief Jack Watson. I was promoted to Sergeant Detective in 2001 by Chief McDonald and in 2002 I was promoted to Lieutenant Detective. That promotion made me second in charge of the Police Department since our Department no longer has a Assistant Chief position.

 Since I was hired, I have had the privilege of meeting many different people. I have also worked many interesting cases and have had the privilege of helping several people during this time. I enjoy my career as a Police Officer and I have to say that it is not only my personal, but Professional opinion that we now have one of the best Departments comparable to our size in the State.

As a Lieutenant Detective I am the lead Investigator in all Deaths in the Linton Area. So far I have worked several Homicides and numerous other deaths. I have also solved numerous cases including the “Petro Tire Building Fire” which burnt two of our larger buildings down in the Downtown area with cost estimated over a million dollars.

I am also a certified Polygraph Examiner for the Department. I went to a two month residential school in California for this certification. Since then I have ran numerous test and helped solve numerous cases for the Department and surrounding Agencies.

As the Newly appointed Chief of Police I intend to work hand in hand with the public. Most State statutes and laws are design and set up for Police in general to be reactive against crime. One of my goals as being Chief is to transform our way of policing to being proactive within state and federal limitations. In other words I intend for the Linton Police Department to promote methods that detour crime from happening. One way is by educating the public and keeping them up to date on the current crimes and methods used by the criminal element. In doing so I believe the public will be better equipped to help prevent themselves from being victims and making it harder for the would be criminal to take advantage of them.

Below you will see what certifications and experience I have been able to obtain during my years as a Police Officer.

Any questions or comments you can contact me at the Office at 812-847-4411 or by E-mail at jerrell@lintonpolice.com


      Work Experience


·        Linton Police Dispatcher -----1994 to 1995

·        Worthington Deputy Marshall-1995 to 1996

·        Linton Police Officer ---------1996 to 2001

·        Linton Detective Sgt.----------2001 to 2002

·        Linton Detective Lt. -----------2002 June 30th 2006

*    Chief of Police ----------------June 30th 2006 to present


Training/Certifications recieved


·        Graduate of Linton High School

·        Attended Vincennes University in the Conservation Law program

·        Graduate of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy

·        Certified Data Master Operator through the IU School of Medicine

·        Certified IDACS Operator through the Indiana State Police

·        Completed over 40 hours of Training in Hostage Negotiations

·        Certified in SFST (Standardized Field Sobriety Testing)

·        Graduate of the Baxter School of Lie Detection

·        Certified Polygraph Operator

·        Licensed Polygraph Operator through the State of Indiana

·        Expert witness in Forensic Psychophysiology 

·        Certified through the Reid School for Interviewing

·        Completed numerous hours in Homicide & Domestic Homicide Investigations

·        Certified Instructor by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy

        Also recently completed Senior instructor course (Train the Trainer) 2010

·        Graduate of the Goshen Police Department Honor Guard School

·        Completed “Response to Critical Incident Training”

·        Numerous training hours in Domestic Violence, SIDS, Hazmat, Firearms and other areas